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Our first promotion.  In short, the first person to enter from each state/province will get an at-cost item of their choice (T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, or Trucker Hat).  This is a great way to get some awesome apparel at an awesome price.

Enter (HERE)

Mammoth often has special pricing on items in our Store (HERE).  The best way to stay informed is to Connect With Mammoth (HERE).  Promotional codes will be, from time to time shared via the Mammoth Mailer and on Instagram and Facebook.



Want to Join TEAM MAMMOTH? Here's your chance.  Each and every month the followers of @FishWithMammoth on Instagram and Mammoth Innovations- Fishing on Facebook vote for the angler that they feel best represented Mammoth Innovations in the previous month. The winner remains a TEAM MAMMOTH member for 1 year, gets free gear, and are the first asked to test new products as they become available. Get some Mammoth Gear, post some photos, and become a Featured Angler of the Month.

Team Mammoth

Featured Angler of the Month

Our Angler of the Year contest will be ran in much the same way as the Featured Angler of the Month contest, but with more entries and a bigger prize.  Learn more about the Mammoth Angler of the Year contest.  The grand prize has not been decided yet, as of now we are planning a paid trip to a lodge or charter service.  Let us know if you have any suggestions.

Featured Angler of the Month

Mammoth Angler of the Year

The Mammoth Braggin' Board is a Facebook group that will regularly has contest, in which the winner will receive a FREE Mammoth product.  The group is more about sharing photos of fish and fishing stories than it is about Mammoth Innovations, but from time to time we will run a quick contest.

EXAMPLE contest: Win a Mammoth T-Shirt. To enter post any photo between 5 PM and 7 PM on the Mammoth Braggin' Board tonight. The photo that recieves the most likes by 9 PM Friday will be the winner.

Join the Mammoth Braggin' Board! Share your catch! See others brag-worthy fish! Connect with anglers from across North America!

Mammoth Braggin' Board

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