Each and every Friday Mammoth Innovations- Fishing will post a photo of a close up of a fish.  The first person to guess the species of fish that was pictured will be the winner.

Stewart Boyd holding walleye caught in manitoba wearing mammoth innovations fishing legacy sweatshirt

Act fast! There can only be one winner each week! Be sure to "LIKE" Mammoth Innovations on Facebook and check our page often on Fridays for your chance to win!


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Guess Quickly

The first person to guess correctly will be the winner!

Check Often

#FishSkinFriday posts will be posted ANYTIME on Fridays!

Guess Carefully

Only your first guess counts, make it a good one!


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#FishSkinFriday posts will be post any time of the day, every Friday.



#FishSkinFriday posts will be posted by Mammoth Innovations- Fishing on Facebook be sure to "LIKE" the page and turn on notifications to be sure you see the #FishSkinFriday posts each week.



The first person to comment the correct species on the #FishSkinFriday post is the winner.  They will receive a FREE #FishSkinFriday sticker and either a FREE Mammoth Innovations product or FishWithMammoth.com discount code. 

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